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One less thing to worry about - packing removal service that makes it easy for you

You’ve finally got your completion date, you are already apprehensive about moving day. And now you are looking around your home wondering where on earth you are going to start? We are here to help.

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Removals Packing Service

Craig Atkinsons removals packing service ensures you are all boxed up ready for removal day. Everything is well packed. Using the theory of “If it can’t move- It can’t break!”

Ensuring all fragile items are well packed and placed into padded boxes. Your books into smaller boxes – so they are easier for both of us to load and you to move when it comes to unpacking them. Premium covers are also used to protect your mattress, sofas, dining table, chairs and more! 

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Our packing removal services boxes are all fully insured

Everything packed by us is fully insured during packing and transit, as we can account for items when we write out the list of contents as we pack. 

We commence packing your home 1-2 days prior to your removal date. Ensure you leave out any items you deem essential items. We do ask that any medication, toiletries, and clothes that you’ll need before moving day are packed and kept in your bags prior to our arrival.

If you don’t wish to commence with our packing service this will mean anything you have packed in boxes will not be insured by us. As we haven’t seen or accounted for the items boxed or the condition they were in before we arrived. All other larger unboxed visible items such as furniture will still of course, be insured.

How we pack...

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Removal Packing Service
removals company
removals company
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Let us pack for you

Worried because you’ve thrown the box for your tv? Don’t worry, we have you covered with our Padded TV bags.

All of them lovely pictures on your wall? Padded picture bags we use are sure to protect them.

Spent what feels like a decade ironing all those lovely clothes hung up in your wardrobe? Wardrobe Boxes with hanging rails that we will place them in. For ease hang back into wardrobes at the other end.

Dismantling all your beds, wardrobes, and anything else that requires dismantling? Then need them reassembling at your new property?

Don’t worry, we will sort that closer the time. This ensures your beds and anything else that needs to be left up until the day of your house removal will be.

We wouldn’t dream of leaving you sleeping on the floor!

Keeping Burnley and surrounding areas moving for the past 4 years!

Let us do all the hard work for you! WE ENJOY IT! Bonus points if you have some interesting and quirky items, we love how we see your personalities shine through what we come across.

Get in touch if you would like more information on our packing and removal services! You will find enquiry forms and contact information on the website! 😊