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Our Removal Services

House Removals

Single Flats to multi-room houses of any size.

Furniture Removals

Furniture Removals


Part-Loads to Anywhere In The U.K.

Single Items

Any Items From A to B.

Contract Work

Business to Business Transport Solutions.

Dismantle & Assembly

Have Your Furniture Dismantled/Assembled

Packing Materials

We offer Part/Full Packing.

Storage Deliveries

We Offer Storage Deliveries.

Craig Atkinson Removals Ltd


At Craig Atkinson Removals Ltd we offer an Expert Burnley Removals Service. Offering the best value for money on House removals and Furniture Removals, we are acknowledged as a 5 star removal company offering removals in Burnley.

At present our removalists offer Burnley removals, Skipton removals, Accrington removals, Nelson removals, Colne removals, Oswaldtwistle removals, Blackburn removals Rishton removals and all surrounding areas. We saw a gap in the market, people were in need of professional removal services for a budget friendly price.

We have become well known for our quick response times and attention to detail. If you are looking for professional house moves We offer a wide range of moving services that can be tailored to your needs, Our removal van is fully equipped, fully insured, House Removal Service , we offer competetive moving costs and an affordable moving quote.

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Craig Atkinson Removals House Removals
Burnley Removals
Providing a house Move

Our House Moves Work

Transit Straps

Secure Items

At Craig Atkinson Removals we ensure your goods are looked after like they were our own. We provide straps and blankets to protect your goods from any damage while in transit and boxes are supplied to you (upon request) before your move day, so all your goods are prepared ready for a quick, painless move.

We Offer:

  • Straps
  • Blankets
  • Boxes

Benefits Of Our House Moves Service

We know that looking through your local removals companies can be daunting, we also know that there are many removal companies that are not up to the job, leaving you dissatisfied. So we make sure we are covered in all areas, from straps and blankets, to public liabilty insurance up to £10,000 and goods in transit insurance up to £1,000,000. With us you receive professional, courteous moving services from the minute we reach your door to the last box is in your home.

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Transit Blankets

Protected Items

Craig Atkinson Removals Philosophy

Our Burnley Removals Mission

We aspire to be a vital part of our community, providing budget friendly house removals costs around Padiham, Burnley Lancashire and its surrounding areas. We strive to provide the best possible service with a positive can-do attitude and without the high price tag or the worries of hiring a cheap houseremovals company who turn move day into a nightmare. Our Mission is to leave every customer with a smile on their face, pleased with just how well move day went.

Our Goal for Removals

We believe man and van moving services should be of great quality no matter the job and so we set our standards very high when it comes to providing our own moving services, this ensures that your goods are transported with care and you are satisfied with the outcome, but also so we know we have provided a job well done. Our goal is to set the standard for Removal services so that a nightmare move, will be far and few between.

Affordable is our Policy

When we are looking through removal companies sometimes we can end up choosing the wrong one, often being let down or worse, sometimes ruining and complicating your all move day. This happens due to many reasons but mostly, it is the cheap removals companies offering cheap prices, underselling themselves, so that on move day, it is not worth it for them. When they turn up, if at all they have no reason to provide you a professional service, since they are not receiving a fair deal for their moving services. A fair trade is what we always aim for, this way, when both sides are happy with the outcome, everyone is happy and can go about smiling the rest of the day.

Our Companies Aim

On top of providing the best and most affordable removal moving services, our ambitions lie within creating a strong community of competetive, high quality removal companies around Padiham and its local areas. We are constantly evolving and we want other removal companies to evolve with us. When there is healthy competiton, the customer benefits, as companies invent new ways to provide an even better service. This is our aim and we aim to be at the top of it, providing you the best of the best.

Reviews Of Our Removals in Padiham/Burnley

We Are Removalist Specialists

Put your legs away Jeff, house removals not hair removal. We are Experts when it comes to Removals. In Fact, We are Rated Five Stars.

Don't Take Our Word For It, See What Our Customers Say

At Craig Atkinson Removals, we provide an expert service. Whether you need to move locally or nationally we have various options to suit your budget. We have been in the industry collectively for 15 Years. With the experience we hold we can guarantee that the service we provide will ensure that moving day will run as smoothly as possible, so you can relax on your big day.

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Moving House Tips

Moving house is not always a simple task. This is why most hire a man with a van who are fully trained to provide an efficient, professional service. Then there is those who prefer to do it themselves. Whether you are moving yourself fully or partly, here are some tips to ensuring your move day is as smooth as possible.

Pack Your Things properly

The best way to pack your items is to acquire boxes for moving house. Newspaper shops and local business's that have goods delivered, often have unwanted boxes. Boxes can also be bought from(insert places). If booking with us, you can request free boxes from us before your move day. Once you have the boxes, it is best to stay organised, writing names of the rooms (e.g John Doe's Bedroom) on them will help the person who moves it into its new home know where to place it. Boxes should be kept manageable to being able to carry at least one. Take care when packing too many books or other heavy items as the box may split when being transported.

If Boxes can not be found, use bin liners, double bagging heavier items and tieing them properly. Do not bag items that will split the bag, make it manageable so that you are able to carry at least 2 when moving.

The rule of thumb when packing is, for items that can be stacked evenly and well, place inside a box (e.g Books, something, something). Fragile Items should also be placed into boxes, cover and separated from one another by bubble wrap or lots of newspaper. Anything that does not stack well in a box place into bags. Anything that does not fit in either, do not pack, transport it singular.

We offer a packers and movers service where we can fully pack for you or help you pack.
Request A free moving quote.

Stay Organised

The more organised you try to be, the easier and swifter the move.

With Everything packed properly, dismantling the furniture should be your next priority. Make sure to use the right tools and not to damage or lose the screws, bolts and washers. It is best practice to place all screws etc, into small bags and kept safe. Keep all pieces of the dismantled item together. It is best to take any legs off of sofas, so that when being transported, they are easier to fit through doors. If an item came through your house dismantled, make sure to dismantle before you attempt to take it out, furniture does not shrink the older it gets, so if it didn't go through the first time, it wont go through this time.

Be careful when moving furniture or other heavy items, if it is heavy, carry it with two people even if you think you are capable of carrying it alone. Larger items, that can sometimes be awkward to carry may be manageable but when faced against tight corners or stairs, you can easily damage the property or the furniture itself.

Staying organised and being prepared can save you a lot of time and/or money. When paying man and van companies to transport you, be aware that anything not mentioned in the fixed moving quote they offer you, will cause problems in the long run. If you are disorganised and things are a mess then most companies will add extra charges for the extra time it takes them to help you pack, box and transport. Cheap moving companies may just decide to not do it at all, always make sure to give as much information as possible.

We offer a pay by the hour and fixed rate moving service. Pay by the hour will include all other services you will require(should you request it), where as a fixed quote will be a based upon your needs. Request a quote to get a better idea of how much your moving costs will be. Prices are based on Local Areas around Padiham.

Stacking a van

Does your dad play tetris? If so, throw him on the back of the van and get him using his gaming skills to effeciantly stack your items.

All jokes aside, if your are removing yourself or using our self-load service. Then stacking the van is another important principle to saving you time and money. Our Luton van, is perfect for house removals and man and van work, allowing you to move in one trip baed on an average 2 bed house removal around Padiham. In our van we stack the boxes at the back upon the raised compartment, until there is no room, which then we strap with our transit straps which we allow you to use(ask our driver for instructions on how to use.) Then we place the larger items (e.g double mattereses, large wardrobes etc.) against the back covered in transit blankets, to secure the boxes. Make sure to strap all your goods securely and cover all items that may be scratched with blankets to prevent any damage. We then place items where applicable, a bit like tetris, the better you stack the more room you have, the less money you have to pay, the easier the job.

Be careful when moving glassware or any other fragile items. If possible prevent fragile items from being damaged by covering with bubble wrap and placing last in the van, strapped securely. Our man and van are not responsible for your goods if you are self-loading. Your goods are covered while in transit. For more information on our insurances Vist our T & Cs'

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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Our house removals moving costs start from £25 with the self-service we offer, a man with a van service starts from as little as £35 and item or furniture transportation starts from £10, varying depending upon location. These prices are based in the local area of Padiham and its local areas.

Get a free quote to get an exact price.
Yes, we offer an experienced two man and van removals team who will transport your goods from A to B hassle free, leaving you hands-free to do whatever you like.
We offer local & national services. Our local services cover in and around Padiham, Burnley, Lancashire, while our national services cover the U.K.
We may extend our local services to other areas outside of Padiham and its local areas should you require it for the right price.

See what moving services are covered locally & nationally.

See if we already cover your local area.
We provide a man with a van service in a luton van, which is 10 meters long and 2 meters high usually big enough to move you in one trip.
At Craig Atkinson Removals, We make sure we have all angles covered when it comes to your goods. Thats why along with our straps, blankets and boxes we provide, we also hold public liabilty insurance up to £10,000 and goods in transit insurance up to £1,000,000, so if anything does go wrong we have you covered.
To make sure your goods are transported safely and effectiantly we provide boxes so you can safely secure your items. We encourage you to label these boxes for different rooms of the house so we know where to place them when delvired.
We offer a dismantle & assembly service at extra cost. We are equipped with all the right tools to make it quick and painless when removing your items.
No. We offer a dismantle & assembly service at extra cost. We are equipped with all the right tools to make it quick and painless when removing your items.
Yes, you can cancel anytime though a 48 hour cancelation would be ideal as you cancel any later, we lose work, money and time. We do not take a deposit so you have nothing to lose but we do, its all we ask should you need to cancel.
We offer a wide range of services that cover anything from single items to large house moves. You can see the full range of services we offer at our moving services section.