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If you’ve never used a removal company to move house before, or if it’s been a while since you did, it can be a minefield trying to figure it all out. Deciding who to trust with the relocation of thousands of pounds worth of your prized possessions at a time when you’re going to be pretty stressed out is the last thing you want to be doing.

We’ve put together this guide to help you get started!

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What do Craig Atkinson Removals Do?

To put it simply, we aim to take as much stress out of moving home as we can.

You’ll have already been through a lot when moving day finally arrives, the phones calls, emails, solicitors, contracts, buyers, mortgage providers… the list is long!

As a removals company we remove the physical work that comes with moving, giving you one less thing to worry about.

The hardest part of the removals process for the customer is choosing a removals company that ticks all the boxes, reliable, trustworthy, professional to name but a few defining characteristics, and we strongly believe we can tick those boxes. In addition, we are Which? Trusted traders and AIM (Association of Independent Movers) accredited.   

Using a firm that has good reviews and accreditations will provide you with comfort and security that other firms may not be able to offer.

As an additional service Craig Atkinson Removals also offers packing materials including wardrobe boxes (essentially a mobile wardrobe, so all your hung items don’t get disturbed during the move), reinforced packaging for those delicate, prized family photos and TVs as well as quilted protective covers that suit the smallest appliances to the biggest sofas! We also offer a packing service, dismantling and re-assembly service, as well as a bespoke quoting service and competitive pricing.


As a removals company, the customer (that’s you) should be supported in the following ways from your removals company… hopefully Craig Atkinson Removals!

  • A tailored enquiry: From the moment you contact Craig Atkinson Removals we will offer a hands on support service. We will arrange a survey to gain a better understanding of your requirements and ensure that we provide all you need to be good to go. We make sure we have the right vehicles, people and equipment for the job and that you have all the right gear and the right idea.
  • Personalised Quote: Once we have been out to survey (unless you decide to use our whatsapp service) we will compile a tailored quote that incorporates everything you need. The quote will also include all of our additional services that are optional.
  • Friendly face: When you have accepted your quote (should you chose to accept) we will send out all the information you need, including an invoice (which isn’t the best part, we know). We will then make arrangements to provide you with packing materials, even if your packing everything yourself. From then we will offer you guidance and support every step of the way preparing for moving day.
  • Operation moving day: Our team will arrive at your house (usually around 9am or an agreed time with you), they will introduce themselves and walk round the property with you to make sure everything is understood, and you are happy with the plan of action (from where you want items moving to how you want your fine China transporting).

We will take all necessary measures to protect your property from any potential damage, such as the use of protective shoe covers if required etc.

If we are providing you with a packing service, we will get cracking on with that, and please if you want something packing in a specific way, just tell us!

Once we are packed, we will load everything on to the vehicles, take it over to your new home (or storage if that’s the case) and unload it all on the other side.

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Removal Insurance

As part of our quotation, we include insurance, but should you wish to take out extended insurance this would be an optional extra! It’s always good to find out if your removals company has insurance and what insurance they have, as don’t forget they will be handling your worldly possessions.

Hopefully, you can see the benefits of using Craig Atkinson Removals and just how much stress we aim to take away from the moving process, but of course don’t just take our word for it! Check out our reviews on Trust Pilot.

What Services do we Provide?

Each company will provide slightly different services so this can vary. Craig Atkinson Removals offer the following services:

  • Packing (all items or just fragile/non-fragiles if you prefer)
  • Loading and transport
  • Unloading
  • Packing materials
  • Storage (short or long term)
  • Dismantle and/or re-assemble service
  • Removal of unwanted items
  • Plus more
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How much will it cost?

The simple answer is, how long is a piece of string? Each of our quotes is bespoke to you and your needs, there is no one size fits all answer.

When we provide you with a quote it is based on:

  • The amount of stuff (furniture, boxes, personal effects. This allows us to work out your volume thus meaning we know how many vehicles and how much man (or woman) power we need)
  • Ease of access at both properties, internal, external any potential delays this may cause (such as key waits, chains etc)
  • Distance of travel (Mileage and time, overnight stays for staff if applicable as we travel the length and breadth of the country)
  • Additional services (packing, dismantling, reassembling, fragile items etc.)
  • Time of move (last minute, well organised and in advance)

Do you offer storage?

Nowadays most removals companies have their own storage, and here at Craig Atkinson we are no different. We have storage facilities on both long and short-term leases.

If for any reason you require the use of storage, then we would be able to help you. This is great when providing a seamless move as it doesn’t need to involve any third parties thus reducing any mishaps and is usually the most cost-effective option.

Should you choose not to use our storage facility, that’s no problem. We can still provide you with moving out of storage when the time comes and into your new home 😊

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How to shortlist your preferred removals company?

When looking for a removals company, make sure you do your market research. We know this seems a boring and over the top but just remember these guys and girls will be handling your possessions at an already stressful time!

The best ways to find the right removals company are:

Ask the people!
People you know that give you recommendations are a great way of finding the right company for you. Friends and family are sure you with real life, honest experiences.

Another good way of gaining recommendations is by asking on social media sites such as Facebook, it opens up your audience and gives the opportunity for a number of recommendations.

Ask the internet!
Using a search engine will give you lots of companies for consideration, it will bring up lots of food for thought, however always consider:

  • Most people now can build a fancy website using widely available apps, so its important to know whats genuine and whats not. Always look for accreditations to professional bodies and reviews. Make sure you check out the reviews in detail to make sure they’re genuine (go directly to the review site)

Search engine results are generated using algorithms and sometimes catch you out with the top searches being out of your area or completely irrelevant, there’s no harm in scrolling a bit further down in order to reach the jackpot.

A little side note regarding comparison sites, these sites although useful in the right situation and a great way to save time, can lead to lots of unwanted sales pitches and emails. They tend to sell on your details to a number of removals firms which can open up options but can also mean you miss out on lots of other contenders who do not use these services, similar to your usual insurance comparison sites. Also be aware that just because a comparison site uses them doesn’t mean they’ll be what you’re looking for so research them a bit further before committing.

Three is the magic number.
When shortlisting your options, make sure it is just that a short list! Don’t set out to make a short list and end up with 20 companies to look at. Not only will this be time consuming it will most likely cloud your judgement. Find your top 3 moving firms and get them to quote you, there’s no harm going back to the drawing board if those three don’t prove fruitful.

Gaining the 3 quotes will help you to make comparisons and make sure your getting a tailor made service

Getting 3 quotes helps you to make good comparisons and ensure you’re getting an accurate quote and the best value for your money.

When picking your top three consider:
Do they give you what you need? Insurance, additional services, storage if its needed

Do they cover the areas? Lots of national companies will appear at the top of your searches but that may not always be the most cost effective option, try finding local businesses.

Do they have a reputation? (good or bad) Make sure you read reviews, ask for opinions and make your own judgements based on this. Don’t be pressured, removal companies are supposed to take the stress away not add to it. See if they have accreditations, are members of any associations etc.

When you have your top three, contact the companies and ask for a home survey. This again will give you an opportunity to gauge the competence of a company. You want a company who is keen, efficient and accommodating.

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What happens at a survey?

Depending on how the company carries out their survey will depend on the process. Craig Atkinson Removals offers two ways of doing the survey, face to face or via whatsapp. Having options allows for flexibility, it opens up more lines of communication and also allows you to do things in your own time at your own pace.

Home surveys are essential to ensure you get a quote that it tailored to you, with no hidden extras and these should be free with no obligation. If you are asked for a fee for a survey take this as a major red flag!

Face to face survey

During a survey a representative from the removals company will visit you at your property, they may ask you questions relating to your move and your requirements. They will then either take a video recording of around the property or they will make a detailed list, ensuring that everything is included.

Always ask questions if you are unsure, ask if the price provided is a rough estimate or a fixed price. The representative should gain a full understanding during their visit, they should explain the process and they should do a brief risk assessment at the property.

It is important during the survey process that you are transparent with the representative, make clear potential move dates, issues with access, anything specific you need. By doing this you are enabling the removals company to give an accurate quote and prevent any disappointment or mis-haps.

Make sure you show them everything (by everything we don’t mean the contents of your private spaces) we mean ensuring that every space is covered, gardens, garages, lofts, those spaces under the stairs that turn in to a Tardis over the years.

Make clear what you do and don’t want to be moved, make sure everything is put in the right place and that things you won’t be taking with you aren’t included when working out the load.

Tell the representative about any valuable items, any items that need additional care or protection. Give a clear outline of what you need (packing service, dismantling, reassembling).

Don’t avoid talking about the awkward situations, removals companies understand that moves aren’t all black and white, but if we don’t know we cant help! If there’s poor access, we need a solution that works, if you got your sofa in through a window that had to be removed, chances are its going to need removing to take it out. Don’t hide these things as it could lead to delays and that’s the last thing we want or the last thing you need. Not only that it could potentially incur additional costs if you don’t tell us from the off set.

Make sure you ask questions, no question is a stupid question and we will do our best to answer any queries or concerns you may have.

Try not to share what one company has said with another company. This isn’t to be secretive and cloak and dagger. It’s simply because each company works in different ways and what works for one might not work for another. For example, when working out the volume of a pack one company may use a Luton van another may use a long-based transit van. Of course, the size of these vans are completely different so where you may only need one Luton, you may need to long wheel based transits. But that’s for us as a company to worry about and not you.

Meeting the people behind the business is important, not only to work out the volume and provide you with a price but it also gives you a perfect opportunity to get that first impression. It’s the people you will be trusting to move you, so gives a good indication of the standards you can expect.

If you are doing a video or self-survey:

Although much of the above applies its extra important that you include everything within your video survey as underestimating or over estimating could result in additional costs or delays.

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Quote Comparisons

When you have done all your research, had your surveys and received your quotes from your magic three it’s important to sit and compare them. It isn’t just about cost, its about how the company conducts themselves, do they provide a formal quote, do they give you a contract, are there terms and conditions.

One of the most important factors when deciding is protection! Does the company offer adequate protection for your possessions, by this we mean what insurance do they offer. Make sure you are clear on what is covered and not covered and come to an arrangement to ensure that additional cover is sought and make sure everything is in writing.

REMEMEBER, make your decision based on what is important to you as the customer. Is price the main deciding factor or is it dependent on the way in which the move is planned? How special items are handled? Additional services offered? Having a clear understanding of what is important will further allow you to make the right choice.

There are 2 important things to check when comparing:

Are the inventories like for like?, Is the volume around about the same give or take a little. If there are huge differences it would be worth asking why? Has something been missed? Has something been added twice etc.

Are your top 3 companies offering the same service for the prices you have been quoted? Are packing materials included or is there an additional charge, is there a charge for dismantling and re-assembling etc.

If you notice something isn’t right or you’ve missed something out, give the company a ring or email and let them know so they can counter this in, if you feel something isn’t clear make contact. Remember we want everything to run smoothly so the more we know the less stress there will be.

Again, this is why having 3 quotes is important as you can see if anything looks out of the ordinary or vastly different.

Some other important details to look out for when comparing your quotes are:

Does the move take the same amount of time. If you are quoted for one day from one provider but two from another provider, ask why! And choose which one works best for you.

Take another look at reputations, reviews and accreditations, does your top three have good reviews, bad reviews (if so how many), are they members of professional associations, do they have accreditations etc.

Price, of course price is a massive factor. Always look for value for money, are you getting more bang for your buck, is it within your budget, do you have any room for bartering.

Do not cut corners in order to get a lower price, this could be disastourous and result in damages or loss and unnecessary stresses on or before your moving day.

If there are no defining differences and every one is offering the same for a similar price then unfortunately we haven’t got a magic wand for making your decision, it purely lies with your personal preferences and who you felt more comfortable and drawn too.

Another side note on pricing: Do not be frightened to haggle on price, if you speak with all three companies.

A note on negotiating with removal companies: Don’t be afraid to negotiate, if you’ve compared all of the above but your preferred mover is too expensive based on a like-for-like service from another mover.

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Removal Company Accreditations

Finding a reputable removal company can be a challenge; with hundreds of companies listing themselves on the internet and many appearing to be professionals, it becomes impossible to vet every single one.

The British Association of Removers (BAR) is dedicated to promoting professional excellence, so if the removal company you’ve chosen is listed on their website then you know they have been pre-vetted to ensure the standards of service they offer will be of the very highest quality.

All BAR member companies must:

Meet minimum quality standards

Adhere to a strict code of practice

Provide an Advance Payment Guarantee (APG) as a safety net so that in the unlikely event that we suffer financial failure before your move is completed that you have not lost any payment already made. You can view Bournes APG certificate and details or visit the BAR advance payment guarantee page to find out more, including the full terms and conditions of the scheme. 

Provide independent dispute resolution.

Look for the BAR badge when choosing your mover!

Rave Reviews

Reviews are a fantastic way to find out other peoples honest opinions on a removals company. There are a number of ways to read reviews such as:

  • Company website
  • Facebook
  • Trust Pilot
  • Google
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When should i book and how should I book?

When to book…
Its always advisable to start arranging quotes 6-8 weeks in advance of your potential moving date. At peak times (school holidays, end of the tax year, of end of the year) it’s best to book as soon as possible to get the date you want and the best possible price.

Once you’ve booked…
You should be provided with all relevant information and confirmation of your booking. You should also be provided with a contract and terms and conditions that will need to be signed and returned.

What if you don’t have a date?
Don’t worry if you haven’t got your date yet, just provide the removals company with a provisional date or target date and keep them updated with any progress. Once you have a date let the removals company know asap.

Advance payment for services…
The majority of companies will ask for some form of payment in advance of your move this may be in the form of a % deposit or full payment 7 days before your move. This is normal and if you have any concerns please speak to your removal company.

What if I have to cancel or postpone:
Most companies will have contingency plans for this and will work with you to ensure your requirements are fulfilled. There will be some individualised information regarding cancellation or postponement in your contract or terms and conditions. This is why it is important to make sure you are honest with your removals company if you aren’t 100% sure on your date.

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