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Dismantling and reassembling can be a challenging task depending on what it is that needs taking down and putting back together, especially big fitted wardrobes or ottoman beds. it requires patience and expertise to ensure the stability of the furniture is kept once moved into your new home. 

Here at Craig Atkinson removals we can include the task of doing all this as part of your house move on most occasions, we have a few specialist furniture technicians in our ranks and love the challenge. 

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Wardrobes, beds, dressers, desks and so on

It also means all beds throughout the home can be kept in one piece right up until moving day, and they will be right there ready for you to jump in at the new home. 

We can assist with dismantling and reassembly of wardrobes, beds, dining tables, dressers, desks and so on, the list is not limited to as we have experience in all furniture. 

Simply let us know what you require to be dismantled and reassembled on your initial home visit and we can add it to your bespoke home removals quote.

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