10 Tips and Benefits of using a removals company

People move all the time. Whether it be for financial reasons, job opportunities, need to up or downsize, or just fancy a change. Planning a move however comes with its own stress, involving choosing location, waiting for completion and exchange dates, solicitors etc the list goes on. Although a removals service may not be able to assist with these aspects of a move, they can be highly useful when it comes to tips for packing and the actual move itself. And here is how and useful information when deciding on a company to use.


If this wasn’t obvious, we thought we would get in in there anyway. Finding a removal company early is essential for many reasons. From doing your due diligence to checking availability it’s no wonder we have rated this as our number one tip! Most reputable companies will have advance bookings, so bear in mind your chosen company, may not be available when you get a completion date if you are involved in a house sale, so always get a few quotes. The benefit to doing this is, you will have a few options when you get a definite date, and at least one of the companies are likely to be available. Many companies will take a deposit to secure a date, therefore you will have peace of mine that at least you have transport and manpower in place for the day(s).


For any quote, especially when moving home, ensure you ask for this in writing, via email or letter, or even text, to ensure companies do not change their prices. Any reputable company will confirm quotes and moves via written communication. This ensures there is little room for error, and everyone is on the same page.

Surveys and/or inventories.

In most cases, where a house move is involved, a survey will be conducted in order for a company to be able to quote accurately, and know what will be required, i.e. number of vans required. This is also a good opportunity for you to get an impression of the removals company and who will be conducting your move, if you choose a small removals business, you are more likely to meet the person who will be moving you, plus supporting a small business. Larger companies are likely to quote higher prices, but not necessarily offer a better service. You will likely get a more personalised service from a more local/smaller/family run business. Where it is not possible to conduct a survey (for example if your moving from a long distance to the chosen company’s local location) an inventory should be sent to them which should include any furniture, bags, boxes, garden and garage items. You can still get a good feel for the company by communicating over the phone, and in emails, and by the way they respond to you.

Terms and conditions.

I cannot emphasise this enough! ALWAYS read the small print. They are put in place to protect both you and the company alike. Always make sure you know where you stand should the worst happen.


One of the biggest benefits about using a removals company is that all your belongings are insured. (this is again, where to be sure you have read the terms and conditions on what may not be included, say if you had something that was highly valuable worth over £10,000, you may need to pay a little extra cost to get that included in the insurance). Always make sure to ask about the company’s insurance, any reputable company will have business, goods in transit and public liability insurance to ensure all areas are covered. If a company is not insured, I highly recommend you don’t touch them! As you will not be covered should anything happen to your furniture and belongings.


Now packing is usually something many people opt to do themselves; however sourcing good quality boxes can be hard unless you are willing to pay good money for them. Many removals companies can hire you these, or sell them to you new or used (used being the cheaper option) Some companies will also be able to hire you wardrobe boxes to save you creasing your nicely ironed clothes, TV boxes can also be sourced. Other people may opt for the company to pack for them. When this is case, cost for packing usually consists of packing materials for boxes, bubble wrap etc. This is highly beneficial for those who may not have the ability to pack themselves, or the time. Some people just prefer to pay for someone else to do the hard work for them. Whichever way you choose, a good company will always be able to accommodate your needs.


Using a professional removal company will in no doubt save you time and effort compared to doing it yourself. They are highly experienced in moving goods time efficiently. You will have peace of mind you are out by a required time if needed, all your goods will be stacked efficiently on the van, along with protection and straps, and then unloaded and placed in rooms and areas they belong at the other end, to save you a lot of time, and your back! These people know what they are doing, they can usually even dismantle and reassemble your furniture for you! (ensure this is included when you get your quote if you require this). Just stick the kettle on and have a cuppa while they do all the hard work. (it would, however, probably be appreciated if you offered them one too though, it is very thirsty work!)

Goods you do not want to take with you.

Another benefit of using a removals service is that if you have furniture and belongings you do not want to take with you, then some removals companies will take them for you. Depending on what needs disposing off, they may take some stuff free of charge, i.e. furniture that is good condition, or may take at an extra charge if you require a tip run (ensure to check they have a waste carriers license). Some companies will not allow garden rubbish or dirty rubbish in their van (for the obvious reason they do not want to damage anyone’s belongings) but can generally give you good recommendations on people and companies who provide this service.


If you are moving out of a property with no property to move into, many removal companies can arrange storage for you! This is usually at a weekly or monthly rate, depending how long you require your belongings to be stored for. Many also offer discount for the first 8-12 weeks, others may charge you a set rate for the term required. This is one less worry off your mind, knowing your goods are safe. Be sure to ask if you need access, that it is available. If a company does not offer this service, they can usually recommend a place to store that they know is reputable.

Last of All, RELAX.

Let the removals company take the strain off you! And whether you have moved 2 doors down, or to the south of Spain! Once you’ve unpacked and found all your belongings a home, RELAX! Once settled you should kick off your shoes, put feet up and enjoy your new home!

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