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Domestic Moving tips







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From the first stirrings of civilization, till now, people have been moving home.‌ Back when we used to throw rocks and eat mud, we had to do everything ourselves, from building our stick huts to then dismantling them and carrying them across the country in search of food and warmth. Luckily that was ages ago and today you have companies like Craig Atkinson‌ Removals‌ Ltd to carry your sticks for you.‌‌ Whether you are moving yourself or you have decided to go with a removal company, we believe it's important that you know a few things before you move so we have created a comprehensive guide of all you need to know for moving home.

The first thing to think about is, how would you like to move?

1. Do It Yourself.

Lowest Cost.

Best situations to DIY move:

Situations you REALLY‌ DON'T want to DIY‌ Move:

The biggest and only pro when moving yourself is that it won't cost you much. That's if you own/borrow a van, have family or friends to help you and are confident in your abilities to not damage anything during the process.‌ If this is you, you have the green light from us.

If not, DIY‌ moving may not be the cheapest option depending upon what you do/don’t have access to.

2. Man And Van.


Best situations to hire a man &‌ van:

If you are looking for the middle ground and you want an experienced removalist with there own van, insurances, and equipment but can help out yourself, then hiring a man and van service is most likely your best option.

3. Removal company.


Best situations to use a Removal Company:

For people who want the job done properly. Hiring a professional, highly rated removal company is the best way to ensuring your move day runs smooth.‌ With the proper insurances, equipment, experience, paying the price is usually worth it as it can save you both money and time in the long run.

Once you are happy with your plan on how you are going to move you should begin to prepare.


You will want to prepare first by planning a day/weekend off depending on the size of your move. Weekends are generally the norm for larger moves that will require a full day.‌‌ If it's not possible to move on a weekend, book the day/s off work, cancel all plans and make sure you plan your move at least a week ahead. Once you have the day set, let all involved parties know the plans so everyone is organized for your big day.


Is it just me? Or is it every time you buy a one-pound pair of headphones, one of the earbuds breaks.

The same can be said for most things in life, you get what you pay for and removals are no exception so do yourself a favor and before you pay for anything or anyone do some research.

When choosing a removals company, man and van hire or anything else, first you want to check how reputable the company is, a quick search online “(company name) reviews” will bring up all the company's recent and past reviews from different sites they are a part of.

This search will also bring up any online presence of the company from it’s website to their facebook page, this is a quick way of checking how interactive they are with customers.‌

A company with a strong online presence, great reviews, and fast response times is what you're ultimately looking for.‌ While companies without these are still generally safe to use, you are a lot less likely to be let down by a company that has an image to uphold.

Cheaper is not always cheaper.

Like anyone, when it comes to having to pay for things, I’d rather not. That's why like everyone else I look for the cheapest way possible, but like anyone and everyone who has ever gone for the cheapest option, thinking the grass was greener, I learned, there isn't always green grass on the other side, in fact, sometimes there was never any grass at all.

From being let down to a company disappearing with all your stuff, we have seen it all. While not every cheap quote you receive from a company will be after stealing your new sofa we do believe in the saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.‌ Hold this in mind the next time you are tempted by a cheap price and before you accept, do your research.

Expensive is not always the best.

As companies grow, becoming larger and more widespread.‌‌ Many will raise their prices. It happens with every company and is a must if the company is to continue to succeed. New employees, new vans and new insurances are the cause of this and for this new price, you supposedly are delivered a better service.

As we all know this is not always the case and as a company grows, sometimes the distance between the provider and customer grows also, leaving you feeling like we are in the year 2050 and you have just had your service provided by robots who prod you with forms and extra charges.

What do you do?

Find a reliable company whether cheap, expensive or somewhere in the middle. Not all are bad, not all are good but with some research, you can find the perfect one to match your needs.

We recommend looking out for a local company that has built up a great trust in your area, has great reviews and a price that you can live with.

Once your transportation is organized you should begin taking measurements of furniture and checking it against the passageways of the house to make sure it can be removed. If it can be dismantled, write down what tools you will need to dismantle it: reading any instruction manuals you may have.

If a piece of furniture can not be removed in a usual manner, it may be possible to take it out of the windows depending on the house. In that case you would need a window fitter to remove and refit them. Once you are certain all your items can fit through the doors, write down each piece of furniture, appliance or large item that is going to be removed and proceed to pack.


The best way to pack your items is to acquire boxes for moving house. Newspaper shops and local businesses that have goods delivered, often have unwanted boxes. Boxes can also be bought from the internet. If booking with us, you can request boxes from us before your move day.

Once you have the boxes, it is best to stay organized, writing names of the rooms (e.g John Doe's Bedroom) on them will help the person who moves it into its new home know where to place it. Boxes should be kept manageable to being able to carry at least one.

Take care when packing too many books or other heavy items as the box may split when being transported. Make sure you can close the boxes and the boxes are sealed shut with tape.

Bubble-wrap any fragile items boxed or unboxed, especially items like mirrors, glasses, etc. The rule of thumb when packing is, for items that can be stacked evenly and well, place inside a box. Fragile Items should also be placed into boxes, covered and separated from one another by bubble wrap or lots of newspaper.

Anything that does not stack well in a box place into bags. Anything that does not fit in either, do not pack, transport it singularly. Once everything is packed proceed to dismantle.


With everything packed properly, dismantling the furniture should be your next priority. Make sure to use the right tools and not to damage or lose the screws, bolts, and washers. It is best practice to place all screws etc, into small bags and kept safe. Keep all pieces of the dismantled item together.

Take any legs off of sofas, so that when being transported, they are easier to fit through doors. If an item came through your house dismantled, make sure to dismantle before you attempt to take it out, furniture does not shrink the older it gets, so if it didn't go through the first time, it won't go through this time.

Be careful when moving furniture or other heavy items, if it is heavy, carry it with two people even if you think you are capable of carrying it alone. Larger items, that can sometimes be awkward to carry may be manageable but when faced against tight corners or stairs, you can easily damage the property or the furniture itself.


Does your dad play Tetris? If so, throw him on the back of the van and get him using his gaming skills to efficiently stack your items.

All jokes aside, if you are removing yourself or using a self-load service, then loading a van is another important principle to saving you time and money. Our Luton van, is perfect for house removals and man and van work, allowing you to move in one trip based on an average 2-bed house removal around Padiham.

In our van, we stack the boxes at the back upon the raised compartment, until there is no room, which then we strap with our transit straps which we allow you to use (ask our driver for instructions on how to use.) Then we place the larger items (e.g double mattresses, large wardrobes, etc) against the back covered in transit blankets, to secure the boxes. Make sure to strap all your goods securely and cover all items that may be scratched with blankets to prevent any damage. We then place items where applicable, a bit like Tetris, the better you stack the more room you have, the less money you have to pay, the easier the job.

Be careful when moving glassware or any other fragile items. If possible prevent fragile items from being damaged by covering with bubble wrap and placing last in the van, strapped securely.


When transporting items, make sure everything is strapped in and secure before take off. The right size van for the move is ideal as it will require fewer trips to move home saving time and money.

Make sure if driving yourself, to drive safe, safer than you would normally as the weight of all your items influence the vans maneuverability., also you want your items to make it to your new home in one piece.

If traveling long distances or through cities make sure to check whether there will be weight bridges or/and toll bridges on the route as these will cost to go through.

Top tip:
Always have more petrol than you need.


When Unloading, take off items as you placed them in, make sure to remove the most accessible items and place items in the coordinated rooms of the house.

The rest is easy and by the end of the day, you should be able to sit down with a nice cup of coffee and relax.

Additional Tips.