Part Load and Single Item Removal

Single Item Removal and Part Loads

Part load and single item removal is a very practical service offered here at Craig Atkinson Removals. We understand transporting smaller amounts of items such as clothes and a few boxes may not be so cost effective.

It makes for an ideal option for anyone wanting to move a small amount of furniture also. We also transport your belongings over greater distances outside of Burnley and local areas. 

What we do

We collect your items that you wish to send in advance. Storing them securely in our property until we have other items or part loads going in the same direction. Whilst effectively splitting the cost amongst three or four customer. 

Not only that but it also means all customers using this service are helping do their bit for the planet, by reducing their carbon footprint!

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Part Load Removal Service

Collect, store, and deliver on route

This particular part load removal service utilised by a lot by students. They don’t often need to send much in the way of furniture, but rather small items and belongings.

We simply collect, securely store your items for up to two weeks and deliver on route. 

Each box is individually wrapped, labelled and stored. Your items then stay within our serure property at all times and will never be passed to third parties. 

Part load services are great for popular cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool. 

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